Project Overview

With an already established fan base, Forever 21 needs an app that's just as robust and fun as it's stores. Taking advantage of the horizontal and vertical scrolling that more users are becoming comfortable with, the design provides seamless transition between different feeds from the brand as well as multiple mini apps within the app.

Featured on Behance: Interaction
Top Nav & Blog
First screen the user see's when opening the app. Top nav contains a store locator and bar code scanner. Using the scanner, the user can scan the tag of an item they find in store to discover other sizes and colors, read reviews of the item, as well as save it to their style journal. The user can then scroll vertically to view the most recent blog posts, tapping the image will expand the post.
Social Dashboard
The user navigates through the app by horizontally swiping to each section. The social dashboard is an aggregate of all of Forever 21's social accounts.
The user can view the latest videos from Forever 21 on the video page.
Shop By Outfit
Taking advantage of Forever 21's rich lookbook images, the user can view and shop and entire outfit.
New Arrivals
With over 100 new items added everyday, the user can shop from the mobile app.
Secondary Nav
In addition to the primary content in the horizontal nav, the user can flick up the tab to reveal the secondary nav. Here, the user can access their Style Journal, Shake & Make Styler,, digital coupons, and app settings.
Shake & Make
Forever 21 makes choosing an outfit easy with the Shake & Make Styler. The user simply selects which trend they want to rock, where they will be wearing it and shake their phone. They can then lock items that they like while searching for other pieces in the look. Once the user has found a look they love they can add accessories to complete the outfit, add it to their shopping bag, or save it to their Style Journal.

The settings menu allows the user to select their size and favorites pieces which will tailor results to their specific style preferences.
Style Journal
The Style Journal allows the user to create a wishlist or assemble an outfit that they can purchase at a later time.
My Closet
Once the user has made a purchase they can load it to their digital closet using their online order code, or by scanning the barcode on their receipt.