Project Overview

Our team at Ogilvy was tasked with doing initial research and concepting as to what an enterprise sales support platform could look like for a client in the healthcare and sales space. It would combine functionality from a CRM, SMA, Scheduling Assistant, and Task Manager. Since the client is confidential we adapted the design into an application concept for real estate agents, given the similarity in sales processes and nature of the businesses.


Final Designs

We completed initial background research by meeting with the client and understanding the industry landscape. We learned that we would need to support a large and diverse user base with a variable level of technical aptitude and sales experience. We identified and formulated an information architecture around two core groups of information (people and product) and six key actions. We also discovered that most of the actions the sales associates would be doing would be based around interactions with a specific person or group of persons, so we decided the design of the application should be people centric and help encourage those communications and interactions.

As we began designing the interface, we worked to make all information displayed was actionable, contextual, informative and relevant. The conceptual interface and interaction is meant to gamify the sales process and delight the user.


User Flows

Before addressing design, we first wanted to understand in detail how users were interacting with their sales prospects and how to create a digital tool around that. Below is a sample of our flow exploration to identify the simplest processes while still providing choices and flexibility.
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As this was a "blue sky" ask from the client, we knew that we could push the boundaries of conventional UI to innovate on functionality and create something they had not seen before.