Project Overview

As Cox’s users continue to make the switch from conventional cable to online media, Cox began exploring and identifying ways to continue to provide service to this new generation of consumers. The most topical frontier currently is data caps. In order to keep customers comfortable with the restriction, Cox needed to keep them well informed so they could stay aware of their account status quickly and easily. This project was a high-level exploration of information hierarchy and visualization.


Final Design

After multiple reviews with stakeholders and informal hallway testing the final design was selected by leadership based on the brand's current patterns and standards.


Exploration & Viability

I met with project stakeholders and the engineering team to understand what information we wanted to show and what we were able to access in real time. With that knowledge I began exploring layouts, hierarchy, typography, and graphics to discover what would be the best way to quickly and concisely convey a user's data usage on their Cox account dashboard. Below are just a few of the dozens of layouts I created and refined.